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CoLoc/Dedicated Hosting

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Leverage our datacenter for all of your CoLocation and Dedicated hosting needs.
connectionLogic offers corporate clients with mission-critical applications on pre-configured dedicated servers.

Our Managed Dedicated Servers or Colocation services are ideal for:

  • Application Service Providers
  • Internet Content Providers
  • E-commerce websites
  • Corporate Servers (Web, Mail Servers etc.)
  • Data Warehousing
  • High Bandwidth Clients

connectionLogic Dedicated Windows 2008 and Linux machines are completely client controlled and fully accessible to the client. On Windows 2008 machines we provide administrator-level remote desktop access. On Linux systems, full root access is provided.

For complex and high traffic web sites, connectionLogic’s dedicated servers are further supplemented by feature-rich hosting services such as:

  • clustering servers
  • load balancing
  • content caching
  • managed firewalls
  • customized Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)

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